Nathaniel Birch

A simple Ogre and adopted son of John Birch


Ogre Male Lumberjack


As an infant Nathaniel was abandoned, in the forests near Ebonton, by his Ogre tribe. He was rescued by John and Lani Birch. He was raised as a member of the family and though he is a gentle and productive member of the community of Ebonton most of the villagers cannot help but view him with suspicion and fear. Nathaniel is an experienced lumberjack capable of felling trees in just a few chops with his ax and is indispensable when assisting in the construction of new buildings in the village.

Nathaniel is 18 years old, well over 9 feet tall and weighs nearly 900 lbs. He has a pronounced brow-ridge and an unruly mop of bright red hair. He wears simple clothing tailored for his size rather than the filthy animal skins common to the Ogre nomads of the wild.

Nathaniel Birch

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