The World of Greyhawk

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The world upon which Greyhawk is set is known as Oerth. It is dominated by its most major continent known as Oerik.

Oerth is joined by two satellites. These moons are known as Luna and Celene. Also referred to as the Mistress and the Handmaiden, respectively. Luna is a large silver orb that waxes to full roughly once per month. Celene however, is a small aquamarine sphere that can be seen in its fullness but four times per year. Some say that when, in a very rare occurrence, the Mistress and Handmaiden are both in their full glory, and aligned in the heavens, it is a harbinger and omen that great change(for good or ill) has been set in motion.

Oerth circles its star once every 364 days. The common calendar consists of 12 months, each of which is 28 days long with four 7-day weeks. At the end of every season is a festival week meant to celebrate the previous season and welcome the new one. The names of days, months and festivals are as follows:



1. Fireseek (winter)
2. Readying (winter)
3. Coldeven (spring)


4. Planting (spring)
5. Flocktime (spring)
6. Wealsun (summer)


7. Reaping (summer)
8. Goodmonth (summer)
9. Harvester (autumn)


10. Patchwall (autumn)
11. Ready’reat (autumn)
12. Sunsebb (winter)

There are some who say that the great human empires of the Suloise and Bakluni can be traced back more than six-thousand years. And perhaps they could, if any records actually existed. Unfortunately, if any do, they are buried beneath the poisonous and desecrated sands of the Sea of Dust, where no man or woman can tread. The oldest human records that exist in the great libraries date back to slightly more than 1,200 years ago.

The elves sing songs and the dwarves carve great reliefs on the walls of their great-halls that would suggest that they have called the land of Oerik home for at least five-thousand years.

The common year that most civilized peoples recognize as the current one, and keep their records by, is the year 576. Year 1 started when a nearly forgotten monarch of the Great Kingdom made the dubious claim that a new age of peace and prosperity had begun. In fact, it marked the slow and steady decline of the Aerdi blood-line and the rise of great evil across the land.

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The World of Greyhawk

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