The Sundering of Oerik: A Greyhawk Campaign

A great evil, from unknown realms beyond Oerth, rises. It shrouds the kingdoms of Oerik with terror, setting in motion a cataclysm that only the most brave and capable heroes can avert.

Our Heroes Are:

Balasar Myastan, a devout holy warrior of the dragon god, Bahamut.

Morn, a professional thief plying his trade on the unforgiving streets and dark alleyways of Greyhawk.

Neela Sadaju, a young, outcast sorceress, risen from poverty to pursue wealth and adventure.

Shaiah, a headstrong halfling raised in the wild and sworn to defend it.

Taelin Ashblade, grizzled veteran ranger, driven from duty to the life of a mercenary and adventurer.

art by Dani Romero

The Sundering of Oerik ~ A Greyhawk Campaign

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